Abortion pill less safe than surgery

Study: Abortion pill less safe than surgery (OneNewsNow.com).

When you mess with things God don’t want you messing with and do not stop when He gives you fair warning… then you’ll pay the price.  Some will say, ‘I thought your God was a god of Love’.  To which I’ll answer, ‘Yes He is a God of Love but He also demands we adhere to what He says or we’ll be punished’.

Oh you mean a woman trying to rid her body of a baby she doesn’t want is worthy of ‘discipline’?

Do you think killing a baby is normal?

It’s time people understand that God loves us and wants us to be happy but killing babies because you made a mistake or just don’t want a baby messing up your life ‘right now’ will not be justification for your way of thinking.  How could any one ever say ‘I don’t want this baby because it will just get in my way and I’ll not ever be happy having to deal with it day and night.  So I’ll just get an abortion and my life will be OK.  Then if I decide later on that I want to have a baby I’ll just get pregnant again.  How convenient for you.  Then later on in your baby’s life you can tell him/her that they have a brother/sister but you had it killed.  Oh???  You won’t tell them that???  Why not??? You did in fact have your baby killed didn’t you??  That lie that Planned Parenthood has told you is just that…. a LIE.  It was not a mass of tissue, it was a baby in it’s first hours of life.

Oh yes ladies, it’s your body but the baby you conceived inside your body is a creation of God and He wants that baby or you wouldn’t have conceived it.  Don’t try to tell me your ‘story’/’excuses’ for killing your baby.  You can save it and tell God on Judgement Day.  And Yes there will be a Judgement Day but your statement of defense will not do you any good.  You’ve been warned in the Here and Now and you had better pay attention.

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