Loser-Pays Tort Reform

Loser-Pays Tort Reform – Chuck Norris – Townhall Conservative.

What a great piece of legislation, if states would be bold enough to pass it.  Of course with the majority of our law-makers being lawyers, they are not readily going to attack their own little slice of the pie.  They’re not going to make laws that will cause the over bearing traffic of stupid law suites subside.  Oh no!!!  They make BIG bucks from these cases.  Ever wonder why you see all those lawyer ads on tv???

I was involved in an automobile accident one time and all it was was a ‘fender-bender’.  Before the accident report could be filed I had received 4 letters from lawyers wanting to ‘help’ me, if they could.  Yep, I have to go to a doctor, get a report of ‘whip-lash’ and a strained back and anything else that could have been caused by the incident but wasn’t.

But then the greed of a lot of people feed these cases. If some people can make $100 they’ll go to great links, with their lawyer ‘helper’ leading them every step of the way, to get it.

I’m not saying there aren’t real cases that need the courts help because insurance companies don’t want to pay off what should be reasonable/legitimate claims.

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