Why Cain is Right…

Why Cain is Right….

This man is getting closer and closer to winning my vote for President of these United States of America.  He talks with common sense and on the level that all Americans can understand.  Having been the successful CEO of a major chain of pizza stores, Godfather’s Pizza, he knows how to run a business.  He understands economics.  He knows how to lead people.  He knows how to get things done.  I would love to see a ticket with Mr. Cain and Rep. Allen West.  I think that would truly be a dream team.  At this present time I’d be at my polling place the day before election, so I could be first in line, and I’d push the button with NO HESITATION for this team.  I say ‘at the present time’ because I’ve not finished my research on both men but from what I’ve seen and read, I’m 99% convinced.

Now if Ms. Palin were to be in this mix I still wouldn’t have any problems voting this ticket.  She too has the qualifications as a leader, business person, and the other qualities one should look for in a person sitting in the President, Vice President, or Sec. of State.

People who believe in God.  People who believe He is the one who has given all the blessings we enjoy today.  They believe in right and wrong and that education is an important factor in our young people.  Get the liberal/socialist/communist trash out of our schools and institutions of higher learning.  Get back to basics.

I could go on but hopefully one can understand my feelings about this trio at this point and I need go no further.

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