Herman Cain is officially running for President

Herman Cain is officially running for President | RedState.

OK America.  This true Patriot has made his official announcement, now, let’s get to  work.  We DO have someone to support.  We DO have someone to believe in.  We DO have someone that isn’t attached to the RINOs in Washington and other  local Governments in this GREAT Country.

Posted by kaj on Sat, 05-21-2011 at 15:50:29

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2 Responses to Herman Cain is officially running for President

  1. I think he was the first of many to catch my eye. I have googled him and youtube’d him and, so far, he is the man to beat in my book! Are you going to follow him and keep us informed here?

    • kajunman says:

      barb… I pretty much am rowing in the same boat as you with Mr. Cain. I’ve done quiet a bit of ‘looking’ and reading about him and at the present time he’s at the top of my list. I feel that with the background he has the job he would do, would make our present President look like a burger-flipper but then that isn’t a fair comparison cause one of my daughters was a burger-flipper for a while and she made him look bad.
      I’ll be posting more on Mr. Cain as the days progress but after all the spineless jerks we’ve put in office to date, I’m still a bit uncomfortable about the future. I’ve lost a lot of trust in what I use to think were men and women of honesty and integrity. So keep your eye open…. never know when I’ll have something.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      BTW… You’re my first and it’s exciting. lol.

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