When Toasts to the Queen Go Bad

They let him speak without a teleprompter…. how shameful!!!

Michelle Malkin » When Toasts to the Queen Go Bad.

It’s been an interesting UK day for President Obama. Earlier he thought it was 2008, and now this.

Jake Tapper has the detailed description of what you have to see and hear to experience the full awkwardness of the moment, but here’s the short version: President Obama was delivering a toast to the Queen and the band misunderstood a pause for the president being finished speaking. The band began playing God Save the Queen — you know, England’s National Anthem — and Obama kept toasting during the song. I’m not completely up to speed on protocol, but judging from the Queen’s behavior I think that’s a total no-no. The order in which things were supposed to happen remains a mystery.

Peak awkwardness starts at about the 25-second mark:


If he gifts the Queen with another pre-loaded iPod, I doubt this particular moment will make the cut.

I’m starting to wish President Obama hadn’t been excluded from the invitation list for William and Kate’s wedding now — who knows what fun we missed out on.

**Written by Doug Powers

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