Cain Demolishes Failed Think Progress Ambush

Cain Demolishes Failed ThinkProgress Ambush.

Cain Demolishes Failed ThinkProgress Ambush

An example – yesterday at an event in Iowa, a reporter with the Soros-funded left-wing attack shop ThinkProgress attempted to ambush Cain with a question about his prospective presidential appointments. Cain had said he wouldn’t be interested in appointing Muslims to his cabinet, which set the Left off into apoplexy.

So if he doesn’t like Muslims working for him, he was asked, what about openly gay people?

A Mitt Romney would have crawfished his way out of the issue. But Cain’s answer was precisely correct – whatever one might think of homosexuality as a threat to American culture, there is absolutely no question that sharia is a primary threat.

And gay people, for whom sharia prescribes a grisly fate, would presumably be staunch allies in that civilizational struggle.

Incidentally, so should the wider Cultural Left. But of course they’re not.

Cain’s answer should drive a wedge between the various incongruous groups making up ThinkProgress’ readership.

Did it make an impact on TP reporter Marie Diamond? Not exactly

Interestingly, Cain made these remarks while standing next to Iowa kingmaker and notorious homophobe Bob Vander Plaats, who seemed to register no objection to Cain’s comfort appointing openly gay people to his administration. Of course, Cain’s open-mindedness about gay appointees is seriously undermined by his rationale and paranoia about American Muslims imposing sharia law in the U.S.


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