Swamp Queen update: Hey, how’s that Maxine Waters ethics trial going?

Michelle Malkin » Swamp Queen update: Hey, how’s that Maxine Waters ethics trial going?.

Swamp Queen update: Hey, how’s that Maxine Waters ethics trial going?

By Michelle Malkin  •  June 9, 2011 01:53 PM

It’s not going anywhere.

It hasn’t been going anywhere since April, when I last reported onstonewalling in the case.


Confirmed: “Drain the swamp” is Washington-speak for “Let it fester.” While House ethics watchdogs dither, it’s shady business as usual for ethics scandal-plagued Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters.

Last summer, the House Ethics Committee charged the entrenched California congresswoman with three violations related to her wheeling and dealing on behalf of minority-owned OneUnited Bank in Los Angeles. The panel accused Waters of bringing discredit to the House for using her influence to seek and secure taxpayer-subsidized special favors for the failing financial institution.

Eight months have passed since the House ethics panel charged Waters. But to date, there has been no action. No trial. No consequences.

Investor’s Business Daily follows up this week with the latest obstructionism by Democrat guardians for Maxine Waters — and aptly notes that these foxes stationed in front of the House ethics henhouse are the same ones Dems want to put in charge of a Weinergate probe.


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has called for an ethics investigation of Rep. Anthony Weiner for possibly misusing official resources. But what about the probe of Rep. Maxine Waters for abusing her power?

The ethics trial of Waters, accused of swinging millions in federal bailout cash to her husband’s ailing bank, was set to begin last November.

But the Democrat leadership has delayed Waters’ trial by blocking subpoenas and firing the lead lawyer working on the two-year investigation. Also, the ranking Democrat on the House Ethics panel reportedly is holding up the hiring of a new staff director.

Cue Swamp Queen laughter here.

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