Alabama’s New Illegal Alien Bill Passes

Seems the State of Alabama has passed a bill that has some teeth in it concerning Illegal Aliens. I say, Hip-Hip-Hooray for the leaders of that Great State.

I hadn’t heard it in the news but one part of Arizona’s Illegal Alien law has passed the Supreme Court. Still other parts are being litigated. But the rest of the bill should be OK. The opinion of the Supreme Judges seems to be that as long as the bill is in the confines of the Federal Law(s) on Illegal Aliens then it will pass. Of course I won’t be holding my breath because you just never know what those people will do on any given day.

Amplify’d from
States Deal With Illegal Alien Problems
by Phyllis Schlafly
By large margins, the Alabama State Legislature passed a bill, known as HB56, which covers most areas of abuses by illegal aliens.

HB56 requires proof of citizenship or residency before voting, a giant protection against vote fraud. It prohibits aliens not lawfully present in the United States from receiving state or local financial benefits.

HB56 requires public schools in Alabama to ascertain students’ immigration status, giving parents of foreign-born children the opportunity to confirm lawful status by providing a sworn statement. It also compels Alabama’s public schools to inform taxpayers, who are footing the costs, of the total cost of educating illegal aliens in the schools.

Last month’s Supreme Court ruling about Arizona’s E-Verify law did not rule on Arizona’s other controversial immigration law which grants police broader power to check the status of persons they suspect of being illegally in this country. That case is still in the courts.



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