Dyed In The Wool Dems

Will Activist Base Really Sit on Sidelines in 2012? : Roll Call Politics.

Because my two cents worth has turned into a quarter’s worth, I’m not quoting any of the article.  Please read it and be informed.

It’s unthinkable that some people would vote for Obama in 2012, knowing what he has done to this Country in this term of President.  Yet, there are those, such as these die-hard liberals, who will.  They say they will not work to support Obama but they’ll vote for him before they will vote for any Republican.  They won’t knock on doors but they’ll vote for him.  They won’t reach in their pockets to support him financially but they’ll vote for him.

I’ve tried to compare this with the attitude Conservatives had in the 2008 election.  We didn’t want McCain but reluctantly we voted for him.  We didn’t send him any financial support but we voted for him.  We didn’t knock on any doors but we voted for him.  As a matter of fact, we didn’t even support his campaign to be nominated but we voted for him.

I find the difference is, between McCain and Obama was the education level of the voters.

A whole lot of voters voted for Obama because they had no idea what he was about, they just liked the way he gave speeches.  He looked good and sounded good.  They didn’t understand the things he said he would do, for the most part, were just promises he was making to get elected.  Very few took the time to verify his background.  Very few listened to the warnings being given that his plans were not supportive of the ‘American Dream’.  Then the race part came into play.  Because he was half Black he would be the first Black President and for some the opportunity to be part of making history was just to much to reject.  Others voted for him because he was Black and that’s all they knew about him.

As for McCain, many people did their homework and checked him out.  They didn’t like his ‘association’ with a hand full of liberals.  They didn’t like the way he was wanting to give amnesty to the Illegal Aliens.  But when compared to Obama, he was the least of two evils.

Now with a pretty good field of possible nominees for the ‘Republican’ nominee these people, who still support Obama, will reject sensibility and vote for what might be called the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’ for our next President.

I guess it just shows that these hard core liberals don’t really care about America and the freedoms offered and enjoyed here.  I don’t think they have honestly given any serious thought to the FACT that the freedoms they enjoy now, will probably be wiped from the face of America if Obama is reelected.  Selfishness is their main stay.  As long as they can get what they want they don’t care about the other citizens, who don’t want to be controlled by the government but have the freedoms they now have.

I wish someone in Washington, DC would talk to the leaders of those foreign countries who are under the rule of Socialism and Communism and make a deal that we would be willing to send them to the Country of their choice, moving expenses paid, but they would have to stay there and never return to America.  We could even throw in a few dollars to help the Country they go to with the set-up expenses on their end.  Probably within six (6) months 90% would be screaming to come back to America.

These are the products we are reaping from the seeds that were sown from the previous generation of liberals.  It’s all about ‘me’.  No discipline’.  No self responsibility.  No compassion. No thought for one’s fellowman.  Uncaring for the country that gives you liberty and freedom.

OK.  Enough.  I think I’ll go throw-up.

God bless America.



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