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More Lies From Your Government Nanny

Once again we see numbers thrown out for the public’s consumption. Problem is, the majority of people will suck these numbers up and bet their own lives on them. Never mind the source. Never mind people like Kathleen Sebelius throw … Continue reading

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No It’s Not A Government Agency BUT…

… it’s being ran as one. If private business were to operate the way the USPS does, it would be in the same situation as the USPS. Going BROKE! One problem with the USPS is although it’s a private business, … Continue reading

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Obama flubs on Medal of Honor recipient

What can one say about the disrespectful attitude this President has for the American Citizen? Disrespect, you say? Yes, DISrespect. A young man VOLUNTEERS to join the military to serve his country. He knew the various situations he may be … Continue reading

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Mr Perfect Shows His Imperfections

I guess George Bush made President Obama get confused. But then I wonder if he was confused or just doesn’t know what ‘posthumous’ means. He was probably thinking that was some sort of fertilizer Michele uses in her ‘garden’. Amplify’d … Continue reading

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