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Woman Dies After Waking Up at Her Own Funeral

I’m at a loss for words….. I know…. Hard to believe…. but I am ===================================   Woman Dies After Waking Up at Her Own Funeral Published June 24, 2011 A woman has died of heart failure caused by the shock … Continue reading

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Jury Convicts Blagojevich on Nearly All Corruption Counts at Retrial

{All them GOP/Repubs should be ran out of the Country for doing this to Gov. Blagojevich.  It’s Bush’s fault.  Them Bible thumping/gun carrying idiots need to go.} I mean this has to be a dream….. right????  Surely the jury DIDN’T … Continue reading

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Google Loves Obama

All the talk about the ‘Fat Cat Corporate Bosses’ and ‘Big Business’ from Obama is nothing but rhetoric. This man is so supported by these major corporations that when they reach in their pockets to get a few dollars, they … Continue reading

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