The 10 (Ten) Dirtiest Cities In The USA

According to Yahoo’s Travel and Leisure the top 10 dirtiest cities are:

No. 1 New Orleans

No. 2 Philadelphia

No. 3 Los Angeles

No. 4 Memphis

No. 5 New York City

No. 6 Baltimore

No. 7 Las Vegas

No. 8 Miami

No. 9 Atlanta

No. 10 Houston

I never had any doubts in my mind that New Orleans wouldn’t be in the to 5 BUT to be #1…. WOW!!!!

Gotta tell ya, the trash that you find in the French Quarters comes mainly from the tourist and I want to invite ALL the tourist out there to come on down and help make it even dirtier.  Y’all know how it is…. ya party hard and then the next day ya jest don’t feel up too cleaning up all dat mess.  Course by the time ya do feel like it…. it’s time to party again!!!  Man, who’s got da time to do any of dat cleaning anyways?? The city will send da sweepers true and dey will get up most of it.  Dat’s cool.  Sides dat, we always got good weather.  I mean, we don’t say

‘Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler’

for nutttin.

So y’all keep youselfs comin’ on down here, cher and we’ll all pass a good time together, in the ‘dirt’ even.


PS.  I can’t speak for doze other places… I don’t take my self dare and don’t really want to.


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