Hand iPhone 4 case replicates the feel of human hand, is creepy

Hand iPhone 4 case replicates the feel of human hand, is creepy | ZDNet.

What’s next???  A stuffed animal that straps to your back and holds your phone to your ear while you talk??

Looking at the Hand iPhone case, you can sort of understand its appeal. With the cold metal, plastic and glass casing of your cell phone getting colder and colder by the day, it would be nice sometimes to replace its inanimate indifference with something more wholesome, more human.
Hence a hand. Similar to the Elfoid fetus-phone-monstrosity that made its online apperance a few months ago, the Hand iPhone case seems to want to make the process of talking on the phone more like the process of talking in person. Which is nice.
But that doesn’t make it any less unsettling. In fact, considering that the Hand iPhone case takes the form of a severed hand, I’d argue that it’s inherently creepy. Potential buyers have a choice of two versions – a child’s hand and a woman’s, which should probably give you a good indication as to who the thing is intended for. As for other uses, the case is advertised as also being pretty handy for practicing marriage proposals. Because that’s a thing people do.
Oh, and in the event that it wasn’t clear, this is a case for the iPhone 4. That costs $60.

[Rakuten, via CultofMac]

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