AFGHANISTAN: Child bride imprisoned in toilet and mutilated by in-laws for refusing to work as a prostitute

If this article doesn’t make you physically sick, then somewhere you have lost all vestiges of being a member of the human race.  And to think that we have people within our own Country who support these pigs.  How can ANYONE, even the lowest and slimiest of these pig produced muslims, condone this kind of treatment to another human being?

I don’t know how many B-52 bombers our Air Force still has flying missions, but they need to be loaded to the hilt with various bombs, at our disposal, and proceed to carpet bomb the region that is known as Afghanistan until it is as flat as the Salt Lake City Lake bed.   Just to name a couple of types:

  • BLU-113 Super Penetrator (Bunker Buster)
  •  GBU-57 Newest generation of Bunker Buster
  • Cluster bombs –  Incendiary cluster bombs

And of course my favorite for this case would be the

Thermobaric weapon

The Effect of this type of bomb is perfect for ‘getting even‘ and causing a whole lot of pain and suffering.  Just the thing I would have this family suffer through. Here is a snippet from Wikipedia: “According to a separate U.S. Central Intelligence Agency study, “the effect of an FAE explosion within confined spaces is immense. Those near the ignition point are obliterated. Those at the fringe are likely to suffer many internal, and thus invisible injuries, including burst eardrums and crushed inner ear organs, severe concussions, ruptured lungs and internal organs, and possibly blindness.”Another Defense Intelligence Agency document speculates that because the “shock and pressure waves cause minimal damage to brain tissue…it is possible that victims of FAEs are not rendered unconscious by the blast, but instead suffer for several seconds or minutes while they suffocate.”

Yes I know the Bible says, “Romans 12:19
Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.” 

I do ask for forgiveness because I know HE has a place for this kind of people and HE  doesn’t need my input.  But us humans are limited in what we can take.

Here is the full story found on Bare Naked Islam

AFGHANISTAN: Child bride imprisoned in toilet and mutilated by in-laws for refusing to work as a prostitute

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Locked in the toilet for five months, the teenage wife was tortured and burned with cigarettes, nearly starved, and had her nails and hair pulled out by her husband’s family.

UK DAILY MAIL   Sahar Gul, 15, was in critical condition when she was rescued from a house in northern Baghlan province last week, after her neighbours reported hearing Miss Gul crying and moaning in pain. According to police in Baghlan, her in-laws pulled out her nails and hair, and locked her in a dark basement bathroom for about five months, with barely enough food and water to survive. Her husband’s family alsoburned the teenager with cigarettes and cut out chunks of her flesh with pliers.

Despite being barely able to speak, Miss Gul managed to tell media about the terrifying ordeal. ’For several months I was locked up in toilet by my in-laws and particularly my mother-in-law,’ she said. ’I was denied food and water. I was tortured and beaten.’ Doctors say the youngster has suffered both mentally and physically and will need weeks of treatment in order to recover.

‘She was married seven months ago, and was originally from Badakhshan province. Her in-laws tried to force her into prostitution to earn money,‘ Rahima Zarifi, head of women’s affairs in Baghlan told Reuters.

Miss Gul is covered in scars and bruises, with one eye still swollen shut six days after her rescue. She is being treated in a government hospital in Kabul, but she may have to be sent to India, doctors said. ‘This is one of the worst cases of violence against Afghan women. The perpetrators must be punished so others learn a lesson,’ health minister Suraya Dalil told journalists after visiting Miss Gul today with the women’s affairs minister.

Mohammad Zia, a senior police official in Baghlan, who helped to rescue the girl, said Miss Gul’s mother-in-law and sister-in-law have been detained, but her husband and father-in-law had escaped. ’We have launched a serious hunt to get her husband and the others involved,‘ Mr Zia said.

Despite progress in women’s rights and freedom since the fall of the Taliban 10 years ago, women throughout the country are still at risk of abduction, rape, forced marriage and being traded as commodity.

However it can be hard for women to escape violent situations at home, because of huge social and sometimes legal pressure to stay in marriages. Running away from an abusive husband or a forced marriage are considered ‘moral crimes,’ for which women are currently imprisoned in Afghanistan.

Some rape victims have also been imprisoned, because sex outside marriage, even when the woman is forced, is considered adultery, another ‘moral crime.’

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