A ‘Christ-centered’ Alternative For the Girl Scouts USA

With all the controversy about the Girl Scouts USA (GSUSA) and how they are now being turned into a training camp for the Liberal pro-abortion group, you might find a very interesting group that has appeared on the scene to help return our young girls back to a Christian based training organization.

Take a couple of minutes and read this article from ‘OneNewsNow.com’:

A ‘Christ-centered’ alternative (OneNewsNow.com).

A ‘Christ-centered’ alternative

Charlie Butts – OneNewsNow – 12/30/2011 3:45:00 AM

American Heritage Girls  (AHG) logoThe founder of an alternative to the Girl Scouts credits God for her organization’s continued growth.

Many parents are concerned about the Girl Scouts’ association with the Planned Parenthood-type philosophy on abortion and sex education. Patti Garibay says that is why the group she founded, American Heritage Girls, was launched.

“We are a Christ-centered organization for girls, and so we are happy to welcome girls ages five to 18 into American Heritage Girls to grow in their knowledge and love for Christ, as well as to do some of the very fun scouting activities that makes scouting just so much of a great idea for today’s families,” she shares.

Patti Garibay (AHG)The organization started small in 1995 with about ten troops and 100 members, but it has continued to grow over the years, this year by 48 percent.

“We have over 17,000 members, and the Lord has brought that through 16 years of growing,” Garibay credits. “And now we’re ready to really grow and to let families all over the country know that there is an organization where you can enjoy the activities of scouting, but still be in line with your family’s values.”

Earlier this

American Heritage Girls
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year, a Colorado Girl Scout troop decided to allow a boy who identifies as a girl join the group. That motivated three troops at a Christian school in Louisiana to disband, and the incident had phones ringing at American Heritage Girls, as parents sought an alternative to the Girl Scouts.




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