100 Questions for the Girl Scouts

This site is very full of info on the changing of the Girl Scouts USA.  It poses 100 questions that all people should know about who think the Girl Scouts are the same ‘neat’ little group that the grandmas and moms of the girls of today grew up being a part of.

Trust me, after reading all the info found on the site listed below, you too may have a change of heart in buying those chocolate mint cookies we all love.

Speaking of which, those cookies that used to cost 50 cents a box now cost a whopping $4.00 a box.  But here’s the grind about that, and the info is contained in the link below.  Of that $4.00 you’re giving the Girl Scout selling the cookies, the troop she belongs to only gets 40 cents of that money.  The rest goes to the top of the GSUSA and is then given out to such groups as Planned Parenthood.

Yep, check it out.  Be informed.  This year tell the girls selling cookies, No Thanks.  But I’ll give you a dollar for your local group’s use.

Better yet… look into a new group that has been started called American Heritage Girls.  It has been started because there are some mothers who are fed up with the Liberal leaning GSUSA and all the trash they are teaching our young girls today.

I realize the below link takes you to a site that is packed full of a lot of info.  But take your time and read through it.  There’s a lot of great info there:

100 Questions for the Girl Scouts.


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