Is Jeff Landry the only honest man in Washington?

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Is Jeff Landry the only honest man in Washington?

by Mark Tapscott Editorial Page Editor

If he’s not, he’s one of very few. Check out the Louisiana freshman Republican’s explanation for his “Present” vote on today’s House Resolution of Disapproval on President Obama’s request for an additional $1.2 trillion increase in the national debt:

“Once again, Washington politicians are failing to take responsibility for their actions instead of working for real solutions to our debt crisis. When the Washington politicians voted for the DC deal in August that raised the debt ceiling, they did nothing to cure Washington’s addiction to spending.

And today’s vote is nothing more than a smokescreen to help Americans forget the Washington politicians’ vote for the disastrous debt deal and Super Committee.The Washington politicians know good and well even if the Senate miraculously agreed to the resolution, Congress doesn’t have enough votes to override a Presidential veto – meaning the debt will automatically increase by $1.2 trillion.

“If the Washington politicians really wanted to block the debt increase, they would have joined me in August and voted against the Budget Control Act. It’s a shame Washington politicians are spending today playing CYA – more concerned about a press release than the next generation.

I refuse to partake in these Washington games that only serve as political cover for politicians worried about their next election. I am committed to real solutions not the status quo in Washington that has led us to this irresponsible level of debt.”

Landry isn’t likely to win many friends or influence many people among the Washington Establishment, but he just might be demonstrating exactly the right stance for succeeding in politics in the Tea Party era.

Fortunately, Landry is not alone in his disgust with this situation. The Club for Growth predicted it. Read more here.

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