Obama: Iran Has Nuclear Rights; I Did Not Want to Sanction Its Bank

From PJ Media comes this bit of info on just how ‘hard’ Obama is on the Iranian Nuclear problems.

A man of fierce backbone… never bending… never swaying… never giving in.
That’s our President….
OOOPPSSS sorry, was feeling light headed for a moment.  This lily-livered-wet-noodle-for-a-spine couldn’t lead a group of girl scouts to a cookie sell.

So he talks big to us and back-doors Iran with a whole different story.  Of course from what I’ve read back-dooring isn’t anything new to him.  But that’s another story for another day.  Yep, it seems Obama has tried to convince some of the people in the USA that he is standing strong against those Iranians.  Yeah, he’s told the Iranians he would join the sanctions on Iran and bring them to their knees, if they continued with their development of their nuclear capabilities.  And for them to not even think about closing down the Strait of Hormuz.  Yep, a really tuff cookie, is our Prez.  NOT!!!

Read the article below and get all the details of how he’s two-faced and liar-in-chief.

Thanks to REZA KAHLILI at PJ Media for the article:
 [Emphasis Mine]

PJ Media » Obama: Iran Has Nuclear Rights; I Did Not Want to Sanction Its Bank.

Reza Kahlili

January 23, 2012 – 12:09 am

The threat by the Islamic regime in Iran to close down the Strait of Hormuz and of Revolutionary Guards Navy boats harassing U.S. Navy ships in the Persian Gulf has caused President Obama to send secret messages to the regime stating his concerns over the closure of the strait and the possibility of an accidental war.

Since then, Iranian officials have been revealing the contents of President Obama’s letter to Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, which

Ali Khamenei has been the supreme leader of Ir...

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indicates a deep desire by the U.S. president for a dialogue with the radical leaders of Iran. However, on Saturday, Iranian officials also claimed that an oral message by Obama delivered through the Swiss ambassador in Tehran is even more revealing than the letter delivered to the Iranian supreme leader.

According to Fars News Agency, which is close to the Revolutionary Guards, Hossein Ebrahimi, the vice chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, alleged that on Saturday in a meeting between Swiss Ambassador Livia Leu Agosti and Iranian Foreign Ministry officials, Agosti informed the Iranian officials that Obama recognizes Iran’s right of access to and use of nuclear technology.

Ebarhimi also disclosed another important point that the Swiss diplomat delivered: Obama said that “I didn’t want to impose sanctions on your central bank, but I had no options but to approve it since a Congress majority had approved the decision.”

Last month, the Obama administration pressed key Democrats on the defense bill conference committee to get their colleagues to water down the strong sanctions language against Iran, which passed the Senate by a 100-0 vote as part of the fiscal 2012 defense authorization bill. The administration, threatening a veto, managed to delay the implementation of sanctions and penalties from 60 to 180 days in the final draft, also allowing the president to waive those penalties for national security reasons or if it would harm the global economy.

President Obama boasted on Thursday that U.S.-led sanctions had reduced Iran’s economy to a “shambles,” defending his policy towards Iran following sharp Republican attacks.

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast also disclosed on Saturday that Iran had received Obama’s message through three different channels: U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice handed a letter to her Iranian counterpart, the Swiss ambassador conveyed the same message in Tehran, while Iraqi President Jalal Talabani delivered the same message to Iranian officials in Baghdad.

Last Wednesday, Ebrahimi for the first time disclosed the contents of Obama’s letter in which the U.S. president had mentioned that cooperation and negotiation are based on the mutual interests of the two countries, and assured Iran that America will not take any action against the Islamic regime.

This is not the first letter sent to the leaders of Iran by Obama, Ebrahimi said. “He has repeatedly spoken in a soft tone about the Islamic Republic of Iran, but in practice, he has not acted accordingly.”

In response to Obama’s message to the leaders of the Islamic regime and his request for negotiations, Iranian officials have decided to reveal his message in order to further embarrass him on the international scene, claiming that Obama’s approach shows the world the true power of the Islamic regime.

So there we have it.  Trying to make out he’s the Superman to the Americans but all the while, just a pussy-cat to the Iranians.

“The true power of the Islamic regime”… uh yeah… they don’t want to mess with America’s finest.  Iran isn’t in the mountains like Afgan and we all ready showed Bagdad and Fulljah what can happen to the low lying targets.

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