Former Mayor Ed Koch Folds for Obama–Again

So the ex-Mayor of New York is back on the Obama bandwagon.  Not really surprised.  There’s some sort of ‘reward’ for Ed Kock for his swaying gullible Jews into voting for the racist Obama.  Even after all the things Obama has done to and against the State of Israel, the Jews of America still fall for his lies and flip-flopping on his support for the very existence of Israel.

Barack Obama is no friend of or to Israel.  It can only come from his youthful years of being raised in a Muslim/Islamic home.  And from that teaching he learned to hate the Jews with a burning passion.  Although today he’s fairly good at ‘hiding’ his real hate and animosity he has for the Jews.

I guess the one big thing that I’ll never understand about the Jewish Religion is the history they have available to teach them, but, they will not ‘listen’.

» Former Mayor Ed Koch Folds for Obama–Again – Big Government.

Here’s a reprint of the article written by Jeff Dunetz, over at

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One Response to Former Mayor Ed Koch Folds for Obama–Again

  1. Right Minded says:

    Here’s an excerpt from the Jewish Center for Public Affairs (

    “An overwhelming majority of American Jews – 73 percent – describe themselves as moderate or liberal; 23 percent label themselves as conservative. Only 19 percent voted for Bush in the 2000 elections, but there are indications that Jewish support for the Republican Party is on the rise.”

    So it seems, to most Jewish-Americans, that political party is more important than the politician’s stance on the country of Israel. Maybe because Jewish-Americans, now living in the U.S., sort of distance themselves from their former country of Israel? Maybe it’s because of a cultural reason?

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