Taliban Defense Attorney now No. 3 at Obama DOJ

This ship, the American people are sailing on, is being taken over by pirates.  No we are not carrying staples such as food, clothing, or shelter.  We’re carrying Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. The very things our forefathers understood that are essential for mankind.  The things that are our God given rights.

The pirates aren’t wearing eye patches or swords.  They don’t have peg legs made of wood.

No, our overtaking pirates are wearing towels wrapped around their heads.  They wearing something akin to a ladies night gown.  Some of them are scared and ashamed who they are so they wear ski mask to hide their identity.  A few carry with them an automatic weapon and possibly a machete.

The more modern day pirates are wearing 2 and 3 piece suits with a tie.  These are the ones that Obama and his un-trusting gang are putting in place in the Nation’s Capitol.  Putting them in place for taking over this Country.  There will be very few shots fired at these pirates.  We will not have the help of our Navy Seals, Marines and Arm Special Forces.  No these specially trained troops will be led by the ones taking over.

For those of us who see what’s happening we can only scream out FIRE!! so many times before we’ll be shut down and our voices removed.  Those who hear the words we spread and laugh it off, will find a very tragic awakening when they finally see it and come to their senses.

This ‘Religion of Peace’ will finally come home to show the unbeliever that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, but it will be to late.

Anyways, here’s the latest from the man with the plan.  Read and be warned.

Terror Embeds: Taliban Defense Attorney now No. 3 at Obama DOJ – Atlas Shrugs.


Terror Embeds: Taliban Defense Attorney now No. 3 at Obama DOJ

Our  treacherous regime at work. This is one of scores of subversive and dangerous appointments by an adminstration at war with America.

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via Al Qaeda Defense Atty. No. 3 At Obama DOJ | Judicial Watch.

In a scary development, a major Obama fundraiser who defended a convicted al Qaeda terrorist will become the third highest ranking official at the Department of Justice (DOJ), which, ironically, is charged with defending the interests of the United States.

Northern California lawyer Tony West has been named Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division, making him the No. 3 guy at the agency. In 2009 West, who helped Obama raise tens of millions of dollars as finance co-chairman of his first presidential campaign, was appointed to help run the DOJ’s civil division which represents the government, Congress and presidential cabinet officers and handles cases dealing with significant policy issues.

In a statement announcing the promotion this week, Attorney General Eric Holder says West has served the department with “professionalism, integrity and dedication.” Holder also mentions West’s work before coming to the DOJ a few years ago, including a stint as a Special Assistant Attorney General in California and a lengthier career at a large San Francisco law firm.

Conveniently omitted in the press release is that West represented convicted al Qaeda terrorist John Walker Lindh, who is serving a 20-year prison sentence. Lindh was captured in Afghanistan in 2001 while fighting against the U.S.-backed Northern Alliance as a member of the Taliban army. He actually pleaded guilty to aiding the Taliban and carrying explosives while fighting U.S. troops in the region.

Holder also knows a thing or two about defending terrorists. After all, he was a senior partner in a prestigious Washington D.C. law firm (Covington & Burling) that represented more than a dozen Yemeni terrorists held at the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay Cuba. While Holder was a senior partner the firm employed a number of radical attorneys to provide the Islamic extremists with thousands of hours of free legal representation, according to a news report.

Another highlight in Holder’s resume is that he orchestrated Bill Clinton’s shameful last-minute pardons, including that of a fugitive financier and a pair of jailed domestic terrorists. In fact, shortly after the pardon scandal, Holder predicted that his public career was over. Under his leadership the DOJ has been embroiled in a number of high-profile scandals, including a gun-running operation (Fast and Furious) in which weapons were sold to Mexican drug cartels. One was later used to murder a federal agent. Judicial Watch has sued the DOJ to obtain records involving the operation.




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  1. It is a common belief that terrorism breads poverty but the truth is that poverty breeds terrorism.

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