Former Va. Tech QB Marcus Vick Arrested For Contempt, In Newport News Jail

Just think about all that money that was wasted to get him the education he received at VT.  Of course he was only trying to get one of the plush jobs found in the NFL.  There he could become an overnight millionaire and not have to do all that 8 – 5 stuff that the ‘common’ man puts up with.  Just show up looking all lean and mean, run around throwing and catching the football a couple of hours a day… man nuttin to it!

I’m pretty sure Michael told Marcus to be careful and don’t get messed up with the po-po; but alas, he wouldn’t listen to the wise words of wisdom from Michael.  Now that he was famous because of his name, he had it made.  He could handle the Judge, no problem.  Oooopsss!!! He forgot, he’s no better than his big brother Michael and he too now must face the Steel-Bar Hotel.  Not only face it but actually occupy it for 10 days.

Maybe you can tell the Head Coach where to get off and what you are and aren’t going to do but with the Judge in a Court Room, the Judge pretty much directs your future life.

Trying to live on the trail blazed by big brother Michael, just isn’t as easy as he had hoped for.  A reasonable person would have figured that out, but then we are talking about a kid that could only see how big brother was living and all the money he had… to blind Marcus to what all was waiting for him in the real world.

  • You don’t miss two (2) court dates and stand the judge up
  • You don’t drive around with a suspended driver’s license
  • You DO report on time for your reservations at the Steel-Bar Hotel.  Because they go to a lot of trouble to make sure your stay will be a good one.

Here’s one account from CBS:

Former Va. Tech QB Marcus Vick Arrested For Contempt, In Newport News Jail « CBS DC.


Marcus Vick outside the stadium 2005

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Brother of Philadelphia Eagles’ Michael Vick will spend at least 10 days in jail

March 5, 2012 6:02 PM
credit: Newport News Sheriff's Office

credit: Newport News Sheriff’s Office

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (CBSDC/AP) — Former Virginia Tech and Miami Dolphins player Marcus Vick will spend at least 10 days in jail for ignoring court orders, authorities said Monday.

The younger brother of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick reported to jail on Sunday, nearly a week after he was ordered to turn himself in, Newport News Sheriff’s spokeswoman Kathleen Carey said. A judge on Monday ordered him to spend 10 days in jail for contempt of court after failing to appear at two court dates for a charge of driving on a suspended license.

Police charged Vick in January 2010 with driving on a suspended license, his second such offense. Court records show he failed to show up for two court dates in 2010. He was in court last August to answer to the driving charges as well as two counts of failure to appear. A judge had ordered him to report to jail by Feb. 27.

No new charges were issued Monday.

Carey said once Vick serves his time in Newport News he will be transferred to Montgomery County. Carey did not know the charges Vick faces in Montgomery County, and officials there did not immediately return a call seeking comment,

The Daily Press reports that a warrant for Vick’s arrest was issued after he blew off a hearing there involving his failure to pay $40,000 owed in a civil case. Vick agreed in 2008 to settle allegations that he had sex with a teenage girl, but the girl’s attorney, Kristopher Olin, claims he never paid. Olin did not immediately return a call and email seeking comment.

Vicki’s attorney, Lawrence Woodward Jr., did not immediately return a call and email seeking comment.

Vick was dropped from the Virginia Tech team in 2006 and released from the Miami Dolphins a year later.  [Emphasis Mine]



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