Targeting him for destruction, Rep Allen West needs our help. | AllenWestRepublic

Targeting him for destruction, Rep Allen West needs our help. | AllenWestRepublic.


Targeting him for destruction, Rep Allen West needs our help.

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It’s now crystal clear that the Republican Establishment’s war against Congressman Allen West started long before the lines for his Congressional District were re-drawn to include thousands of new Democrats.

Five months ago, a Florida political newsletter reported that Allen West’s chances for election to a second term were going to be seriously harmed by the Florida reapportionment process.  Back then, no one knew what the re-drawn lines would look like.  So, it’s obvious that the “fix was in.”

On his influential radio talk show (which is based in Florida), Rush Limbaugh attacked the Republican Reapportionment Committee for engineering a plot to endanger Representative West.

What they didn’t count on was the furious backlash from Allen West’s supporters.

They also made the mistake of underestimating Allen West.

With some help from another conservative from Florida, Congressman Tom Rooney, Colonel West proved himself to be as good a political strategist as he was a military strategist.

Representative Rooney agreed to seek re-election in a newly drawn Congressional District, and clear the way for Congressman West to move into Mr. Rooney’s old Congressional  District, which has about a 20 percent crossover with Colonel West’s current district. The new district also has a more competitive breakdown of Democrats vs. Republicans, and it will give Representative West a fighting chance for re-election.

The manipulators in the Republican Establishment, both in Washington and in Florida, outsmarted themselves.  With Colonel West out of the race for his old district, the Democrats are circling like vultures. By packing Congressman West’s old district with thousands more Democrats, they made it easier for a Democrat to take back that seat.

However, you can be sure that the Democrats will still go all out to defeat Allen West.

They have targeted him for destruction, for being “uppity.”

You have to realize just how unhinged the Democrats are about Allen West. A high ranking white Democrat in Congress, Jim Moran of Virginia, recently lectured Allen West about what it means to be black and then compared him to an African “hyena”.

Democrats in Florida have attacked him as a “tea party cult figure” and “one of the most radical, right-wing members we’ve ever seen in Congress”.

The mainstream media made little note of these attacks.  Time and again, the media has ignored racist attacks on black conservatives by white liberals. The double standard couldn’t be more flagrant.

So, now, where do things stand for Allen West?

First of all, he is moving his residence into his new Congressional District—the Florida Republican Establishment had moved his home out of his old district anyway.

Even though the partisan breakdown is better for Representative West, there are no guarantees that he will win. He still has much work to do getting to know the new district, and its neighborhoods and people.  This means a great deal of time and, frankly, a substantial expenditure of resources.

Millions will flow into the campaign war chest of whoever wins the nomination for the Democrats against Colonel West.

We have stressed the value of “early money” in this race.  It’s even more important and necessary now that Allen West is moving into new territory.  The voters of his new district need to learn the truth about Congressman Allen West before the Democrats have a chance to smear his reputation.

This man of integrity deserves our wholehearted support. Help us reach thousands of voters in his new Congressional District with special messages about Allen West.  We need to get the truth out before they hear the Democrat lies!

This is not just for the 18th Congressional District of Florida.

If Allen West is not re-elected, the liberals will target outspoken conservative leaders everywhere.

It’s up to us to Save Allen West.

Gary G. Kreep, Esq.
Executive Director
Republican Majority Campaign PAC

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