Report: Soros’s hands in public coffer

Report: Soros’s hands in public coffer

Chad Groening – OneNewsNow – 4/20/2012 4:15:00 AM

A new report reveals that billionaire George Soros has tapped into Obama stimulus money to advance his left-wing agenda.

George SorosThe report — called “Obama Stimulus Dollars Funded Soros Empire” — has been released by America’s Survival, which published it on the website The report’s author, Dr. Tina Trent, uses recently released tax documents to state her case that Soros used seed money to form numerous state-based, non-profit organizations, which then lobbied for funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 — a.k.a. the “Obama stimulus.” According to Trent, Soros can do more social engineering at the state level. “You can get a couple of activists on the ground and they can really affect state legislation and they can make their way into state government,” she explains. “And the Recovery Act was an enormous transfer of funds from the American taxpayer to state and local government entities. And we saw that Soros had groups on the ground that were positioning themselves to take advantage of that money.” Tina Trent ( writer says those activists are demanding the Recovery Act money be spent on projects that fit Soros’s goals. “Such as green jobs programs, sustainability programs — things that would provide full employment for the activists that Soros wants to see take over the United States government,” Trent continues. “He’s putting more and more money into activist groups that are supporting open borders [for example].” In her report conclusion, she recommends that Congress “take a closer look at [Soros’s] 2010 efforts to steer Recovery Act funding to organizations that sow racial, ethnic, and economic discord among Americans, or which hijack public control over government decision-making and place it in the hands of special interests.” Trent says the unfolding scandal of extravagant spending by the General Services Administration (GSA) is peanuts compared to how Soros tapped into the public till


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