What a truly honest Muslim sounds like

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In case you have never seen or heard one, this is what a truly honest Muslim sounds like

Jihad is both religious and political. Islam is primarily a political doctrine, not a religious doctrine. For instance, the Koran is more concerned with the unbeliever, the kafir, than it is the believer. It spends 61% of its time disparaging the kafir, only 39% of the Koran is about Islam and the Muslim.

The Koran goes into enormous detail about the unbeliever, the kafir. Allah despises the kafir. Allah plots against the kafir. The Koran says that the kafir can be crucified, tortured, kidnapped, abused, raped, stolen from, and punished. There are many, many references to the kafir in the Koran. Remember 61% of it is devoted to the kafir.

The political nature of being a kafir always puts the kafir in Hell, not because he did anything that was morally wrong such as theft or murder, but simply because the kafir did not believe that Mohammed was the prophet of Allah.  The other basic thing about Islam is that it does not have the Golden Rule.

Indeed Islam denies the truth of the Golden Rule. In Islam there is no such thing as humanity. Instead the world is always seen as being divided into the kafir and the believer. Humanity is not seen as one body.

Islam instead is based upon a different principle than the Golden Rule. Islam is based upon submission and duality. Submission because the word Islam means submission and that all others must submit to Islam. Now all others having to submit to Islam is a political statement. The political aspect of submission is that the kafir must submit to the Muslim and Islam. 

Political Islam is very effective. There have been over 270 million people killed by Jihad over the last 1400 years – that’s 60 million Christians, 80 million Hindus, 10 million Buddhists and 120 million Africans of varying religions. Islam has also been very successful in the business of slavery. For 1400 years it has enslaved the kafir and we will have an entire lesson on how Islam has enslaved the European, the African and the Asian. Political Islam is a phenomenally successful political ideology. READ MORE

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