Barack Obama has inadvertently found a way to keep Muslims off the plane

So finally we can get rid of the TSA.  Now we are able to fly and feel safe without having a herd of butt-lifters stinking up the place, and let’s face it, an airplane is a very confined area and the air is not the fresh air one would expect when flying at 35,000 feet above sea level.

Thanks to our Department of Transportation, we now can take our medically approved ‘service animals’ on board with us, when we fly.  A Service Animal is one which gives assistance to people who are disabled and require the kind of assistance these animals give.  Such as, “seeing-eye” dogs.  The ‘mini-horse’ and a “comfort” pigs.  These animals must also be allowed into any business where the owner needs to go.           

One might ask, “So how does this keep Muslims off the plane???”   Well ya see, muzzies detest pork.  Anything with pork is a NO-NO to them.  If a pig has touched it, it’s defiled ground and they can’t use it.  So by having your ‘service pig’ with you on a plane would mean the muzzies would have to make other accomadations because they can’t be on a plane with a pig sitting in the seat beside them or on the floor beneath them.  It’s as bad as a Christian eating from the tree of forbidden fruit.

I’ve never understood the problem with having these butt-lifters building their mosque any place they want to build it.  I mean after it’s built all you need to do is get some of those water balloon kits and instead of using water to fill the balloons use pig blood.  Throw the balloons on the roof and sides of the building, throw some good ole Hormel bacon around on the ground and wa-la!!  “This property condemed“.  Anything with pork is like having a special force field around you and the muzzies will run for miles to avoid the pork and pork products.

And btw, they don’t like dogs either.  While a dog is not as bad as a pig, they feel a dog is useless and dirty and should be killed.  OH! and they don’t care for horses either.


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The dumbass Obama Regime recently declared that miniature horses used as service animals must be allowed in stores, restaurants, theaters, and even on planes. I guess they weren’t counting on the Department of Transportation ruling that pot bellied pigs used for emotional support must also be granted passage on planes.

CNS News & The Right Planet (H/T Liz)  The manual is designed to “help carriers and indirect carriers and their employees/contractors that provide services or facilities to passengers with disabilities, assist those passengers in accordance with” the Air Carrier Access Act.  The DOT published its “Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability in Air Travel: Draft Technical Assistance Manual” in the Federal Register on July 5, providing guidance that allows swine on airplanes if they are determined to be service animals.

Under the “Service Animal” section, the department lays out a scenario for airline carriers entitled “Example 1.” The manual states: “A passenger arrives at the gate accompanied by a pot-bellied pig. She claims that the pot-bellied pig is her service animal. What should you do?” “Generally, you must permit a passenger with a disability to be accompanied by a service animal, and pot-bellied pigs, which can weigh as much as 300 pounds, must be accepted aboard the plane.

Last November, ABC News reported that a 300-pound pot-bellied pig flew on a US Airways flight from Philadelphia to Seattle because the animal was deemed a therapeutic companion pet. (I can’t wait to see the reaction on Saudi Air and Emirates Airlines)



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