Skittles and Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail…

It wasn’t just ‘Skittles’ Trayvon was carrying

Exclusive: Andrea Shea King recaps online buzz in wake of verdict


Andrea Shea King is a talk-radio host who also writes at The Radio Patriot website and is known as Central Florida’s “First Lady of Space Coast Conservatism.”

Twitter was in meltdown when the verdict came Saturday night in the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin trial. Facebookers like this one were among many writing their fair share of posts on the trial and its outcome.

One online site in particular captured considerable attention – well over 100,000 visits a day and a public post-trial thank-you from Robert Zimmerman, father of the younger Zimmerman: “I have thanked Mark Omara and Don West. Now I would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to you, our friends at CTH.”

The Conservative Treehouse (aka “CTH” and “The Last Refuge”) earned Zimmerman’s grateful acknowledgement because of its extraordinary investigative work undertaken throughout the saga, particularly in obtaining through Freedom of Information Act and publishing public records that revealed the corruption and racism connected to the charges and the trial itself, naming who was involved regardless of how high up the political food chain it went, in what the investigative bloggers called “The Zimmerman Railroading.”

Among its reports, Trayvon Martin’s drug use, explaining how the Skittles and Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail drink he carried that night are ingredients that, when mixed with dextromethorphan (DXM) cough syrup, create “Lean”, a concocted high which can cause psychosis and aggression over the longer term. According to the autopsy report, Martin’s liver showed damage consistent with DXM abuse.

I remember hearing one of the reporters making a comment about Trayvon and his ‘refreshements’ that he had been to the convenience store to buy.  How many people knew that these ‘refreshments’ were part of the prescription for making ‘Lean‘???  Another concoction that provides a ‘high’ or a ‘buzz’.

And as some others have said, ‘With all the corruption, deceit, scandal on top of scandal going on in the Government, why is this a National story?’.  With the call for Obama to be impeached, along with those in his administration, there is enough evidence to have him convicted, but it will not happen because they will run this ‘local story’ as interference.  Think about it… how many people are killed each and every day and they are not National stories.  Just another way to protect Obama and the things he is doing to destroy our Nation.

Well Trayvon, you’ve been used and you’ve fulfilled your purpose well.  George Zimmerman, on the other hand, now has a life to live that I wouldn’t want.  You, Trayvon, wanted to be a real bad-ass.  You wanted people to be afraid of you.  You wanted your boyz to look up to you as a real bad dude.  While you did your drugs (liver showed damage consistent with DXM abuse, per the autospy), wasted your life, as a lot of your friends are doing, George was trying to be a useful citizen.  Amazing how you seem to have been made out a hero and George Zimmerman a murderer when in reality the places are reversed.  You were the punk that thought you could do whatever you wanted to do.  I’m just glad that Al and Jesse were not able to complete their mission of stirring up the riots they really wanted and the jury did their job and did it well.

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