Yep, It Was A Day Of Motorcycle Engines

So we had a day of Remembrance.  A day where people gathered to show respect.  Respect for those who had been brutally killed as two skyscrapers, and two jet passenger planes fell to the ground.

Actually ‘fell to the ground’ is a very subdued way of stating the fact of the reality of exactly what took place. 
The two skyscrapers were named “1 World Trade Center (the North Tower) and 2 World Trade Center (the South Tower)”. 

American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175, were crashed into the North and South towers,

twin towers 2      twin towers 1

The buildings were the tallest buildings in the world.  Then on the morning of Sept 11, 2001, some *muslim scum, called ‘Al-Qaeda’ hijacked two Boeing 767 passenger jets and flew them into the two “Twin Towers”.  As the planes hit the top sections of the buildings the black smoke boiled from the broken out windows.  People soon found there wasn’t any escape from this towering inferno, except by jumping from the broken out glass windows.  So some people jumped in order to avoid the smoke and flames from the fire. 

Yes these pictures are graphic but I make no apologies.  Once we start “cleaning up” the truth, then it is no longer truth.  “WE WILL NOT FORGET”

jumping a   jumping b

jumping c   jumping e

jumping d

As described at, “After burning for 56 minutes, the South Tower (2) collapsed, followed a half-hour later by the North Tower (1), with the attacks on the World Trade Center resulting in 2,753 deaths.” So no, the buildings didn’t just “fall to the ground”.  The crashing of the airplanes initiated the events that took these precious lives.

TV sets were tuned into 24 hour news stations where most of the horror was being shown as it happened.  People around the world watched.  Many being awaken from their night of sleep, to see this horrific act of terrorism.  Then there were some that took to the streets and cheered for the destruction that was taking place.

Even as all of this is being shown on live TV, news comes in that a plane has crashed in a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.  It’s later learned that passengers on board had been informed that the plane had been hijacked and was possible going to be flown into the White House.  So a group of American heroes took over the hijackers and the plane was crashed in a farmer’s field. 

shanksville, pa 1  shanksville, pa 2  shanksville, pa 3

Another plane had also been hijacked and was flown into the Pentagon by the *muslim hihackers.

pentagon 1  pentagon 2  pentagon 3

These hijackers were identified as *muslim islamist.  These men had been living here in America for several years.  Learning to fly these planes just for the purpose of doing what they did.  I’m thankful that after many lives had been taken, through the wars that followed, this scum has been sent to hell where they belong.

Yes we set aside this day and this place as special.  A place where people gather to meet with other kindred spirits.  But where is the news media??  A news media who was front and center when good Americans were being killed.  But when good Americans are being heroes and/or standing up for their Country and are  gathering to remember such tragedies, we can’t find them.   Stop the presses because there wasn’t any news to be printed today.  Turn off the cameras because there wasn’t any events worthy of the use and waste of the oil it would take to make the electrical energy needed to operate the studios where these cameras were dark.  No, it’s just another day, for the media.

Yep, just another day with nothing worthy of being reported.  No, let’s just forget about the 3,000 plus souls that were lost on this day we remember, back in Sept. 2001.  Since there wasn’t any guns being fired or fights being carried out, it was just another ordinary day.

We all know the *muslims had planned a demonstration for this day and it wasn’t to remember those that had been killed by there ‘brothers’.  They were calling for a million *muslims to show up.  But the *muslims didn’t show (as I understand about 25 of the ragheads didn’t get the word and showed).  They had moved their event to sometime in April, there was nothing but peace and quiet, except for the sounds of the motorcycles.

Ah yes, the motorcycles.  These patriotic Americans had requested a permit to ride through our Nation’s Capital City, Washington, D.C., and were denied.  Their ride would have been escorted and there would have been no stops for stop signs, red lights, cross walks, etc., insuring the parade of riders would be in and out of the city as quickly as possible.  So they decided that they would ride anyway.  They couldn’t be stopped since they were not breaking any laws.  Just men and women, riding their motorcycles, through their Nation’s Capital.  TWO MILLION of them stopping for all traffic signals/signs/pedestrians, etc.

But today, well it’s a day 12 years later.  So we set this day aside to gather together to remember.  To grieve.  To hug one another.  To renew friendships that have been made.  But mainly to remind ourselves that, “We’ll never forget” and to teach our young what this day is all about.

God Bless America.

*It might be noted that ‘muslim’ and ‘islamist’ are not capitalized and I’ve done so on purpose.  I have NO respect for these scumbags and I will not show any respect.



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