……Obama Is In Bed With Mohamed Morsi and The Muslim Brotherhood

More evidence that Barack Hussein Obama is in bed with Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood

Ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi (from prison) to the CIA: “How could America and its security institutes abandon me, while I served them sincerely and cooperated with them?”


Canada Free Press (h/t Mike F)   The Muslim Brotherhood still dreams of the return of their ousted president Mohamed Morsi.  Yet with 90% of their senior leaders arrested and facing trial, losing popular support and getting banned and regarded as a terrorist organization their return-to-power yearning seems far fetched.

(In total opposition to Obama Regime policy on Egypt, showing a bit of spine for a change) U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry recently said that the Muslim Brotherhood had stolen the Egyptian revolution, and several reports confirm that the U.S. administration realize now that they were betting on the losing horse.


Morsi faces charges ranging from incitement to killing demonstrators, high treason, spying for foreign countries, covering up for registered terrorists, among other crimes (like allegedly selling 40% of Sinai to Obama for $8 billion so he could give it to Hamas). He will spend the rest of his life in prison, if he’s lucky enough not to receive a death sentence.

Recent confidential reports mention that Morsi was in shock and suffering severe depression after Kerry’s comments. He feels that the Americans have begun to abandon him in favor of the new Egyptian government.  Morsi sent a message through his prison visitors to the CIA saying: How could America and its security institutes abandon me?”


Brotherhood leaders have started to communicate with their sympathizers and affiliates inside the U.S. administration to clarify the reasons behind John Kerry’s recent statements. A high source inside the Brotherhood said that the Brotherhood leaders in America asked the CIA: Why did you leave the Brotherhood and forsake them. Naturally,  the source did not say what the response of the U.S. intelligence was.

This coincides with reports of the intense disagreement between Susan Rice, the national security adviser and John Kerry regarding the way the United States should be dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood and with the new Egyptian government.

Brotherhood leaders, members and sympathizers do not want to believe reality and continue their dream of the return of Morsi. Brotherhood activists organize demonstrations almost every day, despite the new laws regulating demonstrations giving police the right to respond forcefully when demonstrations turn violent.
















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