Malia Obama Pimps Vile Rap Group; Smearing Women w/ Feces, Killing Cops

Malia Obama Pimps Vile Rap Group; Smearing Women w/ Feces, Killing Cops.

By Debbie Schlussel

Malia Obama is pimping a vile rap group, one of whose members goes by the name of a gross sex act involving the anal canal and human waste. The group, “Pro Era,” has a repertoire of “songs” filled with the N-word, explicit sexual reference, and talk about killing police, raping women, and other violence–you know, all the stuff for which they apparently marched on Selma. Yup, the First Daughter is pimping this crap . . . FROM THE WHITE HOUSE.

maliaobamaproeraFor all their pretense at protecting their teen girls and raising them as polite, upstanding citizens, the Obamas really aren’t paying attention. Or they’re just fake and phony. Not sure which. Either way, they clearly failed. Today, First Daugher Malia Obama posted a photo on her Instagram account (since deleted), which depicts her promoting disgusting rap group, “Pro Era.” The picture was taken from the White House residence, where she took a selfie of herself in a T-shirt bearing the “rap collective’s” logo. I guess she had no prob with the group’s professed aim of “slaughtering pigs” a/k/a cops.

Pro Era’s members include a rapper who goes by the name, “Dirty Sanchez,” the slang name for a gross sex act involving defiling women with feces. Here are some lyrics from “Come Come,” one of the “songs” by Pro Era, featuring Dirty Sanchez:

Now it’s a shame that I got to hunt you
Banging on my homie, you won’t need Russell
Young n-gga, Running up, snatch and hustle
It’s a BK n-gga, bouta strap the muscle . . . .
24/7 and never ends all ho
.44 let my lungs feel smoke . . . .

Dirty want his money right now
And his credit
I deserve my respect for this shit that I imbedded
I am better than them n-ggas who pretended that they them n-ggas
Who be lying to them n-ggas who be buying they shit so
F-ck the government word to my brother man
From the 5th Flo’
Won’t get fed if your mouth is closed
That’s something he told me
The 47 Og’s running it low key
I’m still Dirty and I’m still 7:30
My vision is still blurry so picture perfect ain’t really certain
Blind bitch baby, does the cover match them curtains? . . .
Can’t say my whole team eating yet
But I’m cooking up a mess
Where syringes were pressed: dirty kitchen
I’m spillin’ all my kids on her dress, Started living what I’m thinking
Decider, we next stop
Stop and then frisk
Slaughtering pigs anybody can get it
Shooting stars, now make a wish
Rocking skins like the skins we rocking
Powerpuff smoking on that blossom
We’re running the game and this shit is exhausting
But I don’t give a f-ck cause this shit is awesome

Hmmm . . . instead of tweeting phony Twitter pics of herself holding a sign with the hastag “#BringBackourGirls,” maybe Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Hussein Obama Idi Amin Dada should send herself a hashtag: #BringBackYourOwnDaughter, woman.

The Obamas: they mistook America’s need for class in the White House for ass in the White House. Not the same thing.

Hey, remember when the Republican Congressional press secretary was forced to resign over a tweet about the Obama girls’ lack of decorum? Well, she was right.

A couple of exit questions for Malia Obama:

Did you answer when your favorite rap group rapped, “Blind bitch baby, does the cover match them curtains?”

When your favorite “rap collective,” “Pro Era” raps “F-ck the government,” aren’t they talking about your dad?

Maybe Malia Obama’s trying to tell us something about her dad. Uh, honey, we already know.

“Pro Era” = The “Obama Era.” Yup, the President Camacho thing from the movie, “Idiocracy,” wasn’t a stretch at all.


One last thing: I knew it as only a matter of time before members of the First Family would become their own reality stars and demand sponsorships. Malia Obama just did it more quickly than I imagined. Her first endorsement is this vile rap group. Congrats, bimbo.


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