EXPOSED: The Sickening Truth About John McCain’s Complete Betrayal of Fellow POWs

EXPOSED: The Sickening Truth About John McCain’s Complete Betrayal of Fellow POWs.

EXPOSED: The Sickening Truth About John McCain’s Complete Betrayal of Fellow POWs

Sen. John McCain, the 2012 Republican nominee for U.S. president, was popular in large part because of his record during the Vietnam War as a prisoner of war who would not betray his fellow captives even when given the opportunity to do so by the North Vietnamese.

But Sydney H. Schanberg wrote in The Nation that McCain has inexplicably sponsored and pushed into law measures that have classified information about POWs who never came home, thus hiding critical details about those POWs and halting efforts to bring them home or at least learn of their fate.

The secrets McCain has helped hide came from multiple sources, including official documents, radio intercepts, satellite photos of rescue symbols, witness depositions and details of a twice aborted rescue mission by special forces.

Schanberg believes sworn testimony by U.S. Defense Department secretaries who admitted that “men were left behind” is also being kept from public view thanks to McCain’s efforts.

Taken together, the classified information may strongly suggest that many POWs were purposely not returned by Hanoi after a peace treaty was signed in January 1973. In addition, the Pentagon has been withholding relevant details from the families of POWs for decades despite whistle-blowers who have revealed the DOD’s policy of debunking intelligence related to Vietnam War POWs.

 In 1991, as a response to pressure from POW families and Vietnam War veterans, a Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs was created and chaired by current Sec. of State John Kerry.

But McCain was the committee’s most influential member and soon the committee was also debunking stories of POWs still alive in Vietnam. And when former Defense Intelligence Agency head Air Force Lt. Gen. Eugene Tighe disputed the Pentagon’s position, McCain was instrumental in forcing Tighe into early retirement.

Schanberg believes that McCain’s culpability in this matter was revealed in a transcript from North Vietnamese Gen. Tran Van Quang, which showed that Hanoi planned to keep many POWs to make certain it would get war reparations from the United States.

Additionally, Schanberg was amazed at the mainstream press for ignoring the POWs and McCain’s cover-up.

“Reporters who had covered the Vietnam War turned their heads and walked in other directions. McCain doesn’t talk about the missing men, and the press never asks him about them,” Schanberg wrote.

The CIA believes these POWs have died from hard labor, illness, and torture or were executed and that none remain alive today (H/T WND).

McCain’s silence on this matter has been shameful. And his actions to hide critical information regarding the Vietnam War POWs who never came home were despicable.

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