Border Patrol union demands Holder’s resignation over Fast and Furious

Published: 5:08 PM 06/18/2012

By Matthew Boyle – The Daily Caller

Attorney General Eric Holder, left, and murdered Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, right. (Photos: AP)

The National Border Patrol Council — the union that represents Border Patrol agents around the country — demanded Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation over Operation Fast and Furious on Monday.

According to the Arizona Daily Star, the union deliberated for over a year before making this call for Holder to step down.

“This is something that all of our guys are concerned about, because they know it could be any one of them,” Shawn Moran, a union vice president, said according to the Arizona paper.

“We take the risks that are out there naturally just being in law enforcement working across from Mexico in the condition it’s in right now,” Moran said. “But what you can’t accept is when your own government is allowing weapons into the hands of the people you’re confronting.”

The National Border Patrol Council represents about 3,700 agents in Arizona and 17,000 nationwide and it joins presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, 129 House Republicans, five Senate Republicans and two sitting GOP governors in demanding Holder’s resignation.

No elected Democrats have called for Holder to resign, but many Democrats nationwide want Holder gone too. New polling data released last week by Rasmussmen Reports shows 21 percent of likely Democratic voters believe Holder should resign over the scandal and 33 percent are unsure. Forty-five percent — less than half — of likely Democratic voters think Holder should stay in office, according to the poll.



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