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Is Jeff Landry the only honest man in Washington?

Is Jeff Landry the only honest man in Washington? by Mark Tapscott Editorial Page Editor If he’s not, he’s one of very few. Check out the Louisiana freshman Republican’s explanation for his “Present” vote on today’s House Resolution of Disapproval … Continue reading

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Boustany, Landry Split on Big Debt Limit Vote

Boustany, Landry Split on Big Debt Limit Vote : Roll Call Politics. This could be interesting in Louisiana: two Members, one party, one district, two different votes on a key piece of legislation. The likely Member-versus-Member primary between GOP Reps.¬†Jeff … Continue reading

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Rep Jeff Landry Tries to Stop Recess Appointments

Once again the Louisiana boys are doing their part to stop this run away train of a President. Last recess Congress took, Obama took it upon himself to make some appoints to various positions that could have waited for Congress … Continue reading

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